There are some tropical accents that you can adopt in your home when on a redecorating campaign to make your home into a British Colonial home. This style is more of neutral surroundings and dark furnishings which bring about inviting textures. Here are ways that you can adopt to make you home have a British Colonial style. Campaign furniture at which is core to the style involves motivation by romance as a result of traveling exotically. These are designed specifically to collapse into pieces that are travel ready. Folding mahogany chairs and collapsible beds are items that could be stored away in a trunk and shipped to where you will be living next. Furniture with legs that are crisscrossed and thrifted objects will easily bring the British Colonial style into your home.


Lightweight and eclectic fabrics will also bring the British Colonial style to your home. Botanical prints, paisleys and animal prints are just some of the prints that were brought back by the world travelers. You can blend this style into your home by adding throw pillows that have been mixed and matched as well as hanging flowing cotton or linen treatments. If you want to add romance into the room, lightweight fabrics work best especially if they are hanging from your roof. Learn more about furniture at


During the British Colonial era, tropical inspired furnishings were adopted for example carved pineapples into the woods as well as leather accents. The look can be easily achieved if you look for classic cane chairs to accent the room. The British Colonial style can easily accent a room by adding two of these chairs. The texture in the room is vital when it comes to British Colonial style. Rattan, reed and sisal are some of the things that you can use to contrast the furniture that is usually darker. You can get this look by using rugs and wallpapers to add texture to your space. Natural fibers will add texture as well and if redoing the room is intimidating, you can still do by simply papering the focal wall.



Colors that are light and airy are what you will find adorning the walls of a British Colonial styled room. The tropical heat was overwhelming and this is why they insisted on using airy hues. Pale greens and blues should be used against the darker furnishings for you to achieve the style as the more subtle shades were the ones that were commonly used. The breezes were controlled by window shutters in the British Colonial homes. Local woods made the window shutters and these were either painted or left in their natural wood finish. There are vinyl options as well as customizable window shutter options and Chesterfield Sofa Company will let you choose what you want. So that you save money, choose lesser expensive material.